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Cuetec Cues

Cuetec cues are different from your regular pool cues. What makes some of these cues different from most others is the synthetic materials used to construct the finished pool stick. The True Glide SST shafts on Cuetec pool cues are composed by using a fiberglass or graphite overlay on the entire shaft which assists in preventing dings. New R360 shafts incorporate new shaft technology, comprised of a tubular composite core surrounded by four computer cut Canadian Maple sections.

Many Cuetec pool cues do not feature actual inlaid accents, and decorative elements are applied as decals or painted on during production, however some of the new R360 line do incorporate actual inlays into their design. These popular pool cues are wonderful for amateur-level players, but are great for any skill-level pool player.

For other pool cues in this price range, we strongly recommend Sterling pool cues, as well as Blaze pool cues.

Every Cuetec pool cue over $150 comes with a free pool cue case.

Engraving is available on all pool cues. For special design requests, please be sure to look at our engraving section.